imirror Bug Zapper Racket, 2 in 1 Rechargeable Electric Fly Swatter, Mosquito Swatter for Indoor and Outdoor

  • KILLS MOSQUITOES and FLIES INSTANTLY! Trap Lamp & Zapper Racket 2 IN 1, Hands-Free! You will get rid of insect troubles immediately with our powerful High-Volt electric bug zapper.
  • BUILT-IN ELECTRIC MOSQUITO LIGHT TRAP, Built-In Mosquito lamp, Just put it on the base and turn it on, According to the mosquito habits, the purple LED light beads can release 395mm mosquito habit wavelength. Mosquitoes will fly to it and be zapped!
  • SAFE TO USE, Outer nickel plated stainless steel mesh and inner layer aluminum mesh design will not leak electricity and is resistant to deformation. Also without any risk to Kids or adults.
  • 1200 mAh REAL CAPACITY BATTERY! Plug into any USB charger to charge this battery-operated fly swatter quickly and efficiently. The battery's effective capacity is larger than similar products.
  • We have customer service centers in California and Texas for repairs and replacements. You don't need to worry about not being able to repair and replace.

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