Me-di-cal Face Ma-sk, Sur-gi-cal Ma-sk,Disposable, 50 PCS

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  • Disposable Ma-sks Ant-ivirus Bacteria Ma-sk Dust Air Filter Cotton Tape 3 Layers PM2.5 Filter Ma-sk Unisex Mouth Muffle

    50 pieces package


    Perfect design: it fits perfectly with your face when worn. Elastic earrings are easy to wear without putting pressure on the ears. Scope of application: Suitable for any other area that needs protection.


    1.100% brand new and high quality. 2. Disposable quality face mouth ma-sk, made of 4 ply material. The outer material is Waterproof non-woven fabric which can effectively prevent dust and droplets, the middle layer material is melt-blown material which can effectively filter bac-terial, the inner material Is soft non-woven fabric which can absorb the moisture of body's expiration to keep our skin dry. 3. The aluminum strip on the bridge of the nose can be adjustable to fit your face. The elastic ear loop is easy to wear and no pressure to the ears. 4. Comfortable and breathable design can prevent automobile exhaust, pollen, odor, bacterial, allergies, contaminants, bacteria etc.

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