PICTEK PC257 Gaming Mouse, Brand New, Wired 12000 DPI


PICTEK PC257 Gaming Mouse Wired 12000 DPI Ergonomic Mouse USB With RGB Backlit 10 Programmable Buttons For Computer Gamer Mice

Product Main Features

【High Precision & No Latency】 There are 6 adjustable DPI levels (1200/2400/3500/5500/7200/12000) and 4 polling rate (125/250/500/1000 Hz) for free choice. Built with advanced PMW3327 sensor, this PC mouse will maximize the gaming accuracy and response, and it won’t lose track at any DPI level.

【Customizable Chroma RGB Backlight】 With 16.8 million chroma colors and 7 RGB lighting modes for free customization and adjustment, this RGB mouse with adjustable lighting speed and brightness will give you more choices on how it looks. The lighting can also be turned off by pressing the light button for 3 s.

【Sniper Button & Fire Button】 Make yourself in FPS games more formidable! The sniper button (DPI-shift) can reduce the DPI to 200, which allows you to take precise sniper shots on the fly. The fire (triple click) button enables you to rapidly activate the constant gun shotting function by simply pressing down one button.

【10 Programmable Buttons】 Equipped with programming and macro functions, the gaming mice allows quick access to specific gaming actions without a series of complex keystrokes. There are 2 modes which can be saved for different games, and you can freely switch the modes via the bottom mode switch button.

【Great Durability & Broad Compatibility】 With 30 million keystroke tests, its buttons can be clicked millions of times without malfunction. Widely compatible with Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista/Mac OS (Note: Side buttons and programming software are not available in Mac OS systems)

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