Winter Trapper Hat - Russian Ushanka Trooper Aviator Hats for Men & Women - Snow Eskimo Hat with Ear Flaps for Cold Weather

  • STAY WARMER, LONGER: Stay warm and comfortable even as dusk falls with our waterproof trapper hat lined with extra plush artificial fur. Comforting against the skin, the high quality fur that fully lines the ear and neck straps radiate warmth across the head and neck. Our winter ushanka keeps you toasty warm so you can enjoy your winter activities without worry.
  • SHIELDS FROM WIND CHILL. Designed with the quickly changing winter weather in mind, easily block wind and freezing gusts from attacking your face and neck. Fleece hats are okay, but below freezing wind goes right through, but our durable, lined trooper hat material resists wind. Ear and neck flaps hug your head in a comfortable embrace, better utilizing your body’s heat to create warmth and protect from the outside elements.
  • STAY DRY HOUR AFTER HOUR: With a high-quality insulated polyester outer shell, this unisex russian trooper hat is a protective barrier between you and the elements, keeping you spry. Snow, rain, and sleet won’t stand a chance against our water-repellent, breathable fabric, all while keeping your head warm and dry.
  • 3-IN-1 PROTECTION. Ditch the extra bulky winter apparel, our winter trapper hat for men and women features ear flaps and a removable, washable mask that fully envelops your head, ears, face, and neck guarding against wind and water. No more bulky scarves, hats, and additional hoods with our 3-in-1 aviator cap winter can handle. That’s 360 degrees of defense in one hat!
  • LOOK COOL, STAY WARM. Our streamline trapper hat design borrows its style from the traditional russian trapper hat, but with a modern twist. Designed in uniform colors with a faux rabbit fur detail, you will look sharp without worrying about keeping warm. From the snow covered forests to the city streets, this thermal trapper hat serves the best of both worlds.
  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST: Our ushanka russian hat for men and women are designed to comfortably sit on most head sizes and shapes and are for all hair types. A chin strap secures the hat for improved warmth and fit.
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